Useful tips for entrepreneurs from Startup Grind

February has been a busy month for Innowest team. We got new members, new intern and new partners! Our members also got to attend for free Startup Grind last Tuesday and Wednesday, and some even volunteered during this event.

startup grind

Here are some takeaways we got from this two day event. Let’s start with a very useful trick about remembering names that we got from the Super Connectors session with Marian Gazdik, from Startup Grind London. Suppose a new person introduces himself to you and tells you his name is Peter. Now imagine a Peter you already know standing next to him. This old Peter could be your friend, could be a famous actor or a fictional character. I’ll imagine Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) standing next to him. Now every time I see this new person, Spiderman will pop up in my mind and I’ll remember that he’s called Peter.


Another awesome session we attended featured Brit Morin and Julia Hartz. They talked about how doing events for their early users, targeted users, was part of what we all call “Doing things that don’t scale, this helped with branding at the beginning. However, once you add tools to scale then these activities will stop. After an offline chat with Tony Xu, founder and CEO of Doordash, we also learned that, when talking to VCs, they will know the activities that you are doing as a founder are not scalable so what is more important is telling them how you are planning to scale rather than showing what you are doing now. You will know you are ready for the next step when your system is constantly breaking on a regular basis due to the amount of users/customers.


Next day we heard from Julia Barret from SalesForce how powerful is to explain through stories how your product solved the problem of a specific customer when you want to bring on board a new customer. This way this new customer, and even your sales team, will better understand the value of your product. This is especially more important if your product is a software that is very hard to explain when you are selling. Finally, we listened to Ron Conway and Derek Andersen talking about an important topic for all international entrepreneurs which is the immigration reform. Some of the things that are right now being discussed at a national level are Startup visas, greencards for international students and raising the H1B cap.


Tell us how you implemented these tips in the comments below and remember to join our meetup group to receive more news about how our events and put into practice our first tip!

Mar, 02, 2016