INNOWEST Bootcamps

Innowest and Santa Clara University offer an accelerated certificate program providing access to Leavey School of Business for international students, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s. Innowest provides Silicon Valley professional networks to ensure these bootcamps supply meaningful connections in addition to enrichment and training.
In an accelerated program you will:
  • Receive certificate from a highly prestigious university in Silicon Valley
  • Participate in startup mixers and networking events
  • Meet Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Attend dinner events with assigned mentors from Silicon Valley
  • Learn more about commercialization of technology
  • Identify entrepreneurial ideas
  • Utilize support networks, capture talent and reach out to investors
  • Improve pitch and presentation skills
  • Visit startups and campuses of Silicon Valley companies: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Intel
  • Optional: Explore California through sightseeing and attractions
Interactive lectures include:
  • Venture Opportunity Assessment
  • Venture Formation & Team Dynamics
  • Innovation in Successful Organizations
  • Venture & Risk Capital
  • Internet Marketing Basics
  • Exit Choices and Decisions
  • Business Models
  • Discussions, Seminars, Case Studies, Workshops and more… for program eligibility, curriculum and registration dates