About US


Incubating plus Connecting.


Innowest exists to deliver resources and solutions to local and international companies and entrepreneurs including workspace and business tools to ensure successful ventures for startups.

The Innowest Story

Innowest came to be from the genesis of entrepreneurs that have been in the shoes of early stage startup founders, we know how it feels like. We want to provide the support and guidance that will help our startups succeed. Startups that join our incubator get to enjoy all the resources that are essential to startup progress and growth!

Innowest Entrepreneurship Center Contributes to Your Company Success

As an incubator, we provide physical and virtual infrastructure for freelancers, founders, entrepreneurs and creative class professionals to succeed in the high-technology climate of Silicon Valley. You can build company success with Innowest by attending offered meetups and entrepreneur training; get connected with experienced mentors and join a growing business community in the heart of Silicon Valley. Share the vibrant, friendly and professional office atmosphere with others. You will be able to access Innowest workspace, talented members and mentors to leverage success. Also, if you founded a startup, you will also be able to apply to our special acceleration program in partnership with our seed fund.